Diamonds Evaluations & jewelry appraisal Vancouver | BC
Diamonds Evaluations & jewelry appraisal Vancouver | BC


Types of Valuations:

  • Estate settlement
  • Probate for tax liability
  • Family Division
  • Marital Litigation
  • Resale/Liquidation
  • Insurance coverage, Insurance claims 
  • Charitable donation
  • Collateral loan
  • Bankruptcy/Receivership

Each of the different types of appraisals given above have a unique function and purpose. Contact us to discuss how we can provide you with the most appropriate report to meet your appraisal needs.  All of our reports will include digital colour photograph(s), precious metal identification, gross weight(s), carat weight(s), measurements, and a property description narrative ranging from simple to extremely detailed depending on the requirements of the client and the type of report.

To conserve the environment we have converted to a digital pdf format for all of our reports so they can be transmitted to our clients more efficiently and effectively. This means no more photocopying is required when sharing the report with multiple users. Record keeping of your appraisal is only a click away. So no more loose paper waste and an easier storage solution for our clients. For those who clients who prefer a hard copy of our report one can be made available. Our extensive education, research and experience are the important back bones to providing a report with a value definition that is justifiable and defensible. All reports are written to the International Society of Appraisers Report Writing Standards (ISARWS) and are compliant to the most recent edition of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). What this means for you is that your report will be thoroughly researched from the most appropriate market(s) & written to professional appraisal reporting standards.


    • Condition Report
    • Gemmological identification of loose diamonds and coloured gemstones. Diamond plot diagrams available at an additional charge.
    • Inventory Listing and Verification
    • Photography Cataloguing
    • Letters of Opinion


    • Pre and post jewelry/gemstone purchases.
    • Secondary market sales or purchase verification.
    • Tutoring services available for Gemmological/Appraisal Theory Studies
    • Jewelry Sales Training

Accepted by insurance companies, retailers and the courts